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Poterie d’Alsace is a traditional Alsacian pottery shop located in Strasbourg since 1860 and run by Helene Mahler. 

The shop offers a wide range of poteries, from traditional pieces to contemporary creations. Hélène Mahler carefully selects its products among the best poters of the region and presents a rich and regularly renewed collection. 
Various styles of poteries are represented. Selected poteries are produced in about 20 family workshops, mainly in Soufflenheim and Betschdorf, the 2 main villages. All products are hand-crafted. 
This one of a kind shop is located in the heart of the old centre of Strasbourg, very close to the famous cathedral
Created in 1860 by the Gander sisters, the shop was initially located in the old “place du marché neuf”, at the back of a well known toy store in Strasbourg. It was already selling traditional Alsacian pottery, together with gardening tools.  
The Bacher ladies, sisters of the traditional illustrator and painter Henri Bacher, ran the shop for some 30 years, followed by the Klein couple, who owned it till 1961. 
In 1969, the Poirson couple moved the shop to its current adress in the “rue des Frères”. Because of smaller surface, the gardening tools activity was abandonned to focus on pottery only. 
In 1976, Erik and Sabine Nussbicker contributed to enhancing the image of diversity and tradition of the products. The industrialization of production techniques  in the Seventies  however lead poteries to standardize and to decrease in quality.  As passionate defenders of hand-made products, the Nussbickers encouraged and reinstored the production of cake moulds, items of various forms and traditional design. The curent boutique is still inspired by this spirit.  
Helene Mahler-Nussbicker took over the shop in 1989 and could extend its surface in march 2008.  In addition to traditionnal pieces, she also presents more modern items. Both respect the spirit  and work of Alsacians potters.


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